Nassau County May Opt Out of Ride Sharing Services

Nassau County is seeking to opt out of a current NY State Law that legalizes ride-sharing services. Meaning, if they County opts out, Uber and Lyft would be temporarily banned in Nassau County.  Nassau County wishes to charge more registration fees for Uber and Lyft. These fees could generate up to a whooping $1 million annually in additional revenues.

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One thought on “Nassau County May Opt Out of Ride Sharing Services

  1. Roberto Abreu  |  

    I sent 2 violations, 1 for not having the Uber logo, I told the TLc inspector that I only had 3 days working on long island and that I had no knowledge of that and that Uber authorized me to work and UBER never told me it was The use of the logo is mandatory and the other fine says that the dispatch authorizes me to work without having a valid registration of the county of nassau … I am driving my personal car since Uber authorized me to work with my vehicle in Nassau county

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