Client Success Story: 2 Point Disobey Traffic Device in Nassau County Reduced to 0 Points

Another happy client received no points for a 2 point Disobey Device Ticket in Nassau County Traffic Violations Agency.

Disobeying Traffic Device in Long Island, New York is a common catchall violation that applies to disobeying any marking on the road or traffic sign such as a STOP or YIELD.

The law defines disobeying a traffic control device as violating any sign, marking, or device (placed by authority) that regulates, warns and guides traffic.  This means that disobeying any marking on the pavement and any traffic signs (such as a STOP or YIELD) are considered a “traffic device” offense.  The fine for disobeying a traffic control device starts at $138 in New York City.

A disobey device lawyer is waiting to help you. New York Traffic Ticket Law can be very damaging to your driving record. My advice is: don’t pay that traffic ticket. Take a moment now to share a few details about your ticket here.

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