6 Things to Know When You Receive a Cellphone Ticket

  1. Why you received the Cellphone Ticket.

If you hold your cellphone in any capacity, you can receive a traffic ticket.  The § 1225-d defines “using” as holding your cellphone while talking, taking pictures, texting, or simply viewing the cellphone.  Be certain that you’re not fidgeting with your GPS either.  The portable device violation extends to using a tablet, GPS, and iPod among other electronic devices.

  1. Gathering the Evidence

It’s often difficult to provide evidence to prove that the cellphone was not actually in use.  A driver may need to provide specific data on cellphone usage from their service provider.

  1. License Points

In addition to the hassle, cellphone tickets rack up as much as 5 points.  Extra points on your license can increase the price of your insurance.  3 cellphone tickets could result in the suspension of your license.

  1. The Cost

The cost of cellphone tickets can range between $50 to $400 depending on the gravity and frequency of the offense.  Aside from the immediate cost of the ticket, points on your license could cause insurance premiums to increase significantly.

  1. Don’t Give Police Officers a Reason to Remember You.

You may feel the need to discuss the ticket with the police officer, but be very careful and compliant.  Anything you say can, and WILL be used against you in court.  Officers take notes on any comments you make which can later harm you while disputing your traffic ticket.

  1. We’re here to Help

If you have received a traffic ticket for a cellphone or electronic device violation, please contact us immediately at 212-227-9008 or email to learn more about how we can assist you or email and defend your NYC traffic ticket.


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