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Top Reasons To Hire Michael Block

To reduce the risk of receiving points on your license:

Most moving violations issued in New York City contain points. When you plead guilty, you automatically will receive those points. Accumulating points on your license is problematic for many different reasons, including fines, possible suspensions and increases in insurance premiums.

To reduce the risk of getting your license suspended:

Every time you are convicted of a moving violation points accumulate on your record. Your license may be suspended as you approach 11 points. Your license also may be suspended for receiving three or more speeding summonses within 18 months.

To avoid the potential of losing your job:

If you are a TLC cab driver or employed with a company that requires you to drive it is imperative that you maintain a clean driving record. Many companies have strict rules against being found guilty of a violation or accumulating points. Hiring a New York Traffic Ticket Attorney can increase your chances of maintaining your innocence.

Avoid Driver Assessments:

If you accumulate 6 or more points within an 18 month period you will be subject to a driver assessment. To see the full chart, click here.

To avoid potential of an increase in insurance premiums:

Most insurance companies will increase your premium based on the amount of points you’ve accumulated. The better your driving record, the lower insurance premiums will be. Why pay more for car insurance if you don’t have to?

To increase the chances of a positive outcome:

Lastly and most importantly, if you hire an experienced New York Traffic Ticket Attorney to represent you, your chances of a positive outcome are increased. The attorney appears before these Judges, Police Officers and ADAs every day.

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New York Traffic Ticket Attorney Michael Block has been practicing law since 1986. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in History from SUNY Stony Brook, and then went on to complete his JD at SUNY Buffalo. Upon passing the New York State Bar Exam in 1986, Attorney Block worked as an associate attorney for well known firms such as Jacoby & Meyers and Menagh & Trainor. It was during this time that Attorney Block began representing taxi cab union members at traffic hearings and gained experience defending drivers in traffic cases. In 1988, Attorney Block started his own firm devoted solely to fighting traffic tickets and achieving positive outcomes for his clients. In his 35 years of practicing law, Attorney Block has successfully defended clients all over the State of New York in matters such as speeding tickets, DWI / DUI, cell phone tickets, Taxi and Limousine Commission safety hearings, and commercial truck violations, among others.

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Attorney Michael Block is a member of the New York State Bar Association, the New York County Lawyer’s Association, and the Association of Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers, for which he served as Treasurer from 1990 to 2007.

Traffic tickets are a reality for New York motorists. From crackdowns on speeding and phone and texting violations, drivers always run the risk of receiving a traffic summons when they drive in New York. It’s almost never advisable to plead guilty to moving violations in New York due to the large fines and insurance ramifications. Instead of taking the risks imposed by pleading guilty or attempting to attend a court date alone, drivers should hire an experienced attorney.

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