Amnesty for TLC Drivers

Amnesty for TLC Drivers

A new proposal by City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez is calling for amnesty from fines owed by drivers to the Taxi and Limousine Commission.  According to the article by Lauren Cook of AMNewYork the councilman who previously worked as a cab driver is requesting that the TLC drop fines owed by drivers that are not related to pedestrian safety.

The proposal would have far reaching effects on the taxi industry.  The industry is currently suffering from a number of issues, one of the most notable ones being the recent rise of competition from e-hailing services that have driven down the value of taxi medallions and the effective wages of drivers by increasing the number of drivers per client significantly.  The recent financial troubles for many professional drivers have even tragically lead to several suicides in the past year.  If the proposal goes through it would mean significant financial relief for many TLC drivers as well as helping direct enforcement efforts by the TLC to focus on public safety.

How do you feel about an amnesty for TLC violations?

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