Big Spike in Long Island Cell Phone Tickets and School Bus Tickets

“Operation Hang Up,” the New York State Police’s distracted driving crackdown, resulted in 17,447 tickets issued to distracted drivers over a 5-day period. Police officers issued cell phone tickets, speeding tickets, and seat belt tickets, as well as making DWI arrests and issuing tickets for failing to move over when passing police and emergency vehicles pulled over on the shoulder.

In addition, State Police also conducted “Operation Safe Stop Day” last week, which was a crackdown on drivers who illegally passed school buses. While numbers are not yet available for this year’s school bus crackdown, last year police wrote 1,200 illegal passing tickets, many of which were on Long Island.

Cell phone tickets and school bus tickets both carry 5 points and heavy fines. If you received a cell phone ticket or school bus ticket on Long Island during the police crackdown, or if you received any other traffic tickets during this period, please call us at 212-227-9008.


Photo Credit Visualhunt