Gov. Cuomo has a plan to push lawmakers to pass traffic policy in exchange for freeing up $7.3 billion earmarked for the MTA. According to the article “Gov: Congestion price, or no $7B” by Dan Rivoli published in the New York Daily News on Thursday January 17, 2019 the Gov. intends to withhold funds unless new legislation is passed to cover safety and revenue improvements.

                One of the central demands in Gov. Cuomo is that state law makers pass a congestion pricing plan.  Congestion pricing is a program employed by many large cities that charge a toll to enter specific highly trafficked sections in order to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.  The revenue from these tolls can then be spent on infrastructure improvements and public transportation.

                Congestion pricing has the potential to drastically alter traffic patterns in NYC.  Reducing the number of vehicles in lower Manhattan may help combat grid lock. Spillback tickets often referred to as “blocking the Box” tickets carry 2 points and a fine if you are convicted. These tickets are most often given when a driver enters an intersection but does not have enough space to completely clear it on the other side. The Law Office of Michael Block fights this kind of ticket regularly.

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