Suffolk County Traffic Court Sued for Unconstitutionally Jailing Motorists

On Thursday, a lawsuit was filed against the Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency claiming that the agency unconstitutionally jails motorists and refuses plea bargains for those who request sworn depositions. The complaint, which was filed in Brooklyn, states that the Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency eliminates checks and balances by selecting...
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Nassau, Suffolk Police Increasing DWI Patrols for Memorial Day Weekend

Long Island police will be heavily patrolling for DWI starting this weekend, with Nassau County leading the charge by assigning $400,000 worth of overtime to watch for drunk drivers throughout the summer. The Nassau police Selective Enforcement Team typically handles DWI patrols, but more patrol officers will help with the patrols to the tune of...
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Two DWI Charges on Long Island; Leandra’s Law Offense and Head-On Accident

Two incidents occurred on Long Island this weekend involving drunk driving: a Leandra’s Law violation in Nassau County and a head-on accident with a police officer in Suffolk County. In Oceanside, a driver rear-ended a vehicle and upon investigation by police officers was observed to have glassy, bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. The police...
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Self-Driving Semi Trucks are a Reality

Truck drivers may be a thing of the past. Daimler Trucks’ self-driving semi-trucks have been making test runs on state highways in Nevada with drivers serving as “logistics engineers” – meaning they are make sure everything runs smoothly while the truck drives itself. But while other companies like Google have focused on self-driving cars, we...
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New York City Traffic Ticket Lawyer: What is a Refusal Hearing?

According to New York’s Implied Consent Law, all New York City drivers must submit to a breathalyzer or other chemical test at the request of a police officer when the officer suspects the driver of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In other words, by operating a car, motorists consent to submit themselves...
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Two Drunk Drivers Charged After Long Island Traffic Accident

Two drivers have been charged with DWI in Long Island after they were involved in a collision this weekend. Both drivers are accused of operating their vehicles while intoxicated, while the driver who supposedly caused the crash is also charged with first degree vehicular assault and reckless driving, both of which are criminal offenses. A...
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Apple Unveils New Watch

Yesterday, Tim Cook unveiled the new Apple Watch, a wearable device that connects to your smartphone and has many of the same features you would expect from your iPhone, as well as some new innovations. But how will this affect New York drivers and handheld electronics laws? While the Apple Watch is technically hands free,...
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Join us!

Please join Michael and Rose for this event that benefits Children of Hope—an organization founded and supported by police officers. Michael has donated a $1000 raffle prize which provides free representation on a traffic or criminal charge. Hope to see you Sunday February 13 at 3 PM at Mulcahy’s in Wantagh.

CELLPHONE or Electronic Device

In a highly unpublicized change, drivers who are caught using their hand cell phones in New York State, will now face two points on their drivers license. The new rule applies to all summonses issued on or after February 16, 2011. AAA says distracted driving causes up to 8,000 crashes in the US every day.

Drive safe – stay safe

In a perfect world, all acts of distraction while driving would result in penalties. Drinking coffee or soda, eating, lighting and smoking tobacco, and even bending down to grab the cell phone you dropped. Enforcement of these common sense things is impossible. Do yourself a favor and avoid any behavior that puts you and your...
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