Join us!

Please join Michael and Rose for this event that benefits Children of Hope—an organization founded and supported by police officers. Michael has donated a $1000 raffle prize which provides free representation on a traffic or criminal charge. Hope to see you Sunday February 13 at 3 PM at Mulcahy’s in Wantagh.

CELLPHONE or Electronic Device

In a highly unpublicized change, drivers who are caught using their hand cell phones in New York State, will now face two points on their drivers license. The new rule applies to all summonses issued on or after February 16, 2011. AAA says distracted driving causes up to 8,000 crashes in the US every day.

Drive safe – stay safe

In a perfect world, all acts of distraction while driving would result in penalties. Drinking coffee or soda, eating, lighting and smoking tobacco, and even bending down to grab the cell phone you dropped. Enforcement of these common sense things is impossible. Do yourself a favor and avoid any behavior that puts you and your...
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