Bond Information

Bond Information

When issued a ticket motorists and their attorneys will often reschedule their hearing dates multiple times.  After a few reschedules by motorists/attorneys or if a hearing is missed a judge will issue a Bond.  A bond is a $40 payment to the court in order to get a new and often final hearing date.  Failure to pay a bond in the allotted time of 28 days will result in a suspension of your driving privileges.  The bond money does not pay the court or your lawyer.  Instead it holds the new court date for you.  If you win your case and are found not guilty you will be reimbursed by the state after you send in a simple form.  If you lose your case and are found guilty the bond is applied to your fine.  This would result in your fine being lowered, and example would be if you were given a $100 fine and lost a bonded hearing the end fine would be $60 once the bond was applied to the fine.

Bonds are a common aspect of traffic court.  If you are ever given a ticket hire a lawyer to assist you with the hearing process, if you are ever issued a bond for your hearing make sure you have your lawyer handle all court related paperwork and payments leading up to your hearing.

Did you know about bonds?  Are you more confident dealing with traffic tickets now that you have this information?

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