Celebrate Responsibly Don’t Lose Your Driving Rights on Independence Day

Summer is officially here and we are approaching one of the biggest “BBQ holidays” of the year – the Fourth of July. Everyone will be driving to visit family and friends at various BBQs and ending the night with fireworks.  While this is a celebration of freedom and family, it is important to remember to be safe while cooking on the grill, at the beach, handling fireworks and especially on the roads.

According to the National Safety Council last year the Fourth of July weekend was predicted to be the deadliest in seven years. This year the holiday period begins on Friday, July 1 at 6 PM and ends on Tuesday, July 5 at 11:59 PM. Not only will there be an increase of cars on the roads, but there also will be a larger police presence.  Police will be looking out for motorists who are committing all violations, but they will especially be on the lookout for motorists driving while under the influence and speeding. This Fourth of July weekend, don’t end up a statistic! Abide by the rules of the road and exercise safe driving practices.

There are so many things we all can do to keep us and our loved ones safe this holiday weekend. The simplest thing we can do is always buckle up when in the car. Wearing a seatbelt is the law and can prevent serious injuries in an accident. Be mindful of other motorists, use signals when changing lanes and remember to share the road with motorcycles. Always pay attention to the road. Distracted driving accounts for a large portion of crashes and car related deaths. According to in 2014, 3,179 people were killed and 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers. Looking at your phone or GPS for even a minute is a minute too long.

You should always obey your local speed limits; it’s the number one way to keep motorists safe. Speeding summonses always carry points. The higher you drive over the posted speed limit the more points you will receive. Here is our violation and points chart:

Updated Speeding Violation chart

Keep in mind, once you approach 11 points your license may be suspended.

The most important warning I can give, is that under no circumstances should one drive if they’ve been drinking. Police will be out in droves looking for motorists who are driving while intoxicated or impaired. It’s never worth it and can put many lives in danger. It’s always smart to have a backup plan. This way if no one is able to drive you are already protected. Assign a designated driver, someone who will not be drinking all night and is able to take you home safely. Call a cab or an Uber; there are so many e-hailing apps available now, you literally have chauffeuring at your finger tips. You want to remember the holiday weekend as a great time with friends and family. Not in the back of a Police car or worse, in a hospital.

If you or someone you know is issued a summons over the holiday weekend, you need to hire an experienced New York Traffic Ticket Attorney to fight for you. I’ve been handling summonses issued in New York State for over 28 years. I can help. You can contact me at 212-227-9008 or via email at

Have a Safe & Happy Fourth of July.




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