Cellphone Violations

Cellphone Violations

Cellphones are a part of everyday life for many Americans.  They act as our GPS, our alarm clocks, our primary phones, our radios, and even as our main method of browsing the internet.  It is illegal to use a cellphone or any other electronic device while driving.  In New York State it is against the law to use, touch, adjust, or otherwise interact with an electronic device while driving.  If a police officer observes you doing so they are able to issue a moving violation ticket that carries 5 points.

Cellphone tickets are very common in New York.  They carry the same amount of points as passing a school bus, and more points than running a red light.  At 5 points they can be a significant detriment to your driving privileges.  You must be vigilant when driving while your phone is on or within easy reach.  Many drivers will interact with their phones while driving without thinking about it.

The risk of cellphone tickets is especially high for professional drivers who often use their phones as GPS devices, or need to have access to apps to pick up fairs or payments.

Can you drive without using a portable device?  Are you able to put the screen down while driving?  What do you think of Cellphone tickets?  Let us know below.

If you receive a summons for a cell phone, disobey traffic device, or any other moving  violation, an experienced traffic ticket attorney can help. Please call us at 212-227-9008 or email us at michaelblock.law@gmail.com

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