Choices And Consequences Program

Choices And Consequences Program

Suffolk County unveiled a new program on Monday.  The “Choices and Consequences” program is designed to educate teenagers, young adults, and their parents regarding the dangers of driving while impaired or distracted.  Michael O’Keeffe reported in his article “Risks for teen drivers” published by Newsday on Tuesday may 15, 2018, that the new program would be offered to every school in Suffolk county.

The new program is based off of the anti-drunken driving initiative created by officials in Brooklyn.  The Suffolk program includes skits, real life examples, and stories intended to teach young people to avoid dangerous behaviors.  The Suffolk program also includes information regarding the opioid epidemic.

The program has already been executed in Deer Park where attendance was mandatory if students wanted to participate in the prom.  It is hoped that the program will be widely used before the upcoming summer months.  With schools closed and most students enjoying extra free time dangerous behavior and summer parties will be on the rise for the next few months.

What do you think about this program?  Do you think that it will improve and protect the lives of young Long Islanders?

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