Client Profile: Meet Oumare Toure

Meet Oumare Toure.  Toure, a Senegal native and taxi driver, has been Michael Block’s client for over 25 years.  Toure began his taxi career working as a Gypsy cab driver when he was referred to Michael by a coworker.  “He’s a good lawyer,” says Toure. “I never lost a ticket with him.”

The Law Office of Michael Block has defended Toure throughout his career.  Toure has also worked as a yellow cab driver for over 10 years and is currently employed by Euro Cab.  “I send a lot of guys here,” he adds.  Michael Block defended one of his first tickets as a cab driver.  All subsequent tickets have been dismissed or found not guilty.  Before visiting his home country, Senegal, he visits Michael Block for all of his traffic ticket needs.