Congestion Revenue

Uber, Lyft, and other ride share services will become a new revenue source for the MTA.   With changes to how the app-based for-hire vehicles are taxed the MTA may be getting a significant boost to its revenue.  Over 600,000 riders use these services every day, and the money generated from new fees may flow into the subway system.
The new car service fee may be part of the solution to New York City’s congestion problem according to Mitchell L. Moss Director of the Rudin Center for Transportation at NYU’s Wagern School of Public Service.  Mitchell explained in a New York Post Opinion piece published on Monday April 9, 2018.  In the piece he explains that while the number of vehicles entering Manhattan has been reduced in the past year, the number of vehicles remaining in circulation in southern Manhattan has increased.  This means that while fewer cars are entering lower Manhattan the ones that do end up staying for significantly longer adding the congestion.
In the article he proposes that increased revenue for the MTA would translate to improvements to the subway system.  These improvements would then entice more people to use the subway system and reduce the number of people using car services to traverse the city.  This potential shift in travel practices in conjunction with other strategies such as increased enforcement of traffic could be the solution to Manhattan’s congestion problem.

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