Cortlandt St. Subway Station

The Cortlandt Street subway station is scheduled to reopen in October.  This subway station has been closed since the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.  The subway station was literally crushed by the collapsing buildings.  According to Dan Rivoli of the Daily News the station is going to be reopened a few months after its 100th birthday.

The reopening of the station will give greater access to lower Manhattan for both commuters and tourists.  For some commuters the reopening will mean greater convenience, eliminating the need to walk north to the Chambers and Franklin St stations, or to cross lower Manhattan to reach the Oculus and Fulton center transit hub. The addition of the reopened station may also help alleviate the current congestion problem lower Manhattan has been experiencing.  Providing more mass transit options to navigate the city could help reduce the need for personal vehicles and for hire ride services.

What do you think of the reopening of this station?

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