Do Not Fall for This! Be Warned! Latest Scam

            My office got a call from ConEdison saying we were overdue and about to be disconnected. My wife called back saying she was not aware our ConEd Electricity account had not been paid.  Luckily, she did not have our account number. They verified our business address at 277 Broadway, Suite 708. The clerk invited us to travel to the Bronx to pay the bill. “The electronic systems are down now,” he said. Then they advised us to go to CVS or Duane Reade to get gift cards to pay the bill.  It became immediately apparent that this was a scam. A clever one. We just moved our office the week before Christmas 2019. The scammer had originally said we failed to make a $750 deposit on our account. My wife said, “Oh! This is one of those calls. Yes officer. I am on the phone line with them right now. This is clearly fraud.” The scam ConEdison Clerk hung up.

            Don’t be fooled. Con Edison would never send me to the Bronx to pay in cash, or to a pharmacy store to get a gift card. They tried this with my business account. The scammers called my business. I had not been expecting this. Protect your businesses.