If you accumulate six or more points for your license in an eighteen month period, this will trigger a NY State Driver Assessment charge.  This is a charge that is levied against drivers who receive six or more points on their license in an eighteen month period.  The assessment fee can be paid two ways, an up front lump sum, or over the course of three years in an installment plan.  You will be assessed $300 for six points.  Additional fees will be assessed for each additional point.  Several tickets will automatically trigger the Drivers Assessment.  Examples are speeding tickets of 21+ miles over the limit, or receiving several tickets in a single stop such as a cellphone ticket(5 points) and an improper turn(2 points).

If you receive a summons for a speed, disobey traffic device, or any other moving violation, an experienced traffic ticket attorney can help. Please call us at 212-227-9008 or email us at

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