Driving Fast, Watch Out!

Driving Fast, Watch Out!

Speeding tickets have the widest range of points in New York State.  Depending on how fast you are going over the posted limit you could receive a 3-11 point ticket from a police officer, or a 0 point ticket from a camera.  Depending on where you are in New York the speed limit can be very different.  In New York City the universal speed limit for surface streets is 25 MPH, on highways it ranges from 50-55 MPH.  On Long Island the speed limit can vary from 30-45 MPH depending on the kind of street you are on.  The limit for highways/parkways is generally 55 MPH.  In northern New York and most places outside of Long Island and NYC the limit for surface streets is 30-40 MPH and the Highways can go as high as 65 MPH.

Be aware of the local speed limit to avoid tickets and fines.  The limit should be posted on easy to view signs and can change on different stretches of road.  Schools zones and construction areas often have special speed limits that are put in place for safety reasons, and often come with special fines if broken.

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