Drunk Driver in Brooklyn Files Lawsuit Against Cop Who Shot Him

Drunk-driving parolee files lawsuit against cop who shot him

Article Originally Featured on The New York Post

A drunken parolee whose car careened through Brooklyn, jumping curbs and smashing cars, is suing the cop who shot him to stop the vehicular rampage.

Robert Ortiz of Brooklyn claims Officer James Hasper “without any cause or provocation whatsoever, used unreasonable and excessive force” when he shot Ortiz in the shoulder to end the July 10, 2014 incident, according to a Brooklyn federal court lawsuit.

Ortiz admits he was in violation of his parole, and had “consumed alcohol and marijuana” before getting behind the wheel of a friend’s Chevy Suburban and zipping down Rockaway Parkway in Canarsie.

When police tried to pull him over, he fled, hitting at least three cars in the process, riding the sidewalks and forcing pedestrians to dodge him, court records say. He eventually turned onto a dead-end street and crashed into a fire hydrant.

Ortiz, 39, who has more than two dozen arrests on his rap sheet and was on parole for criminal possession of stolen property, was surrounded by officers but hadn’t gotten out of the car when Hasper approached.

Ortiz was slapped with a variety of charges and is due in court Nov. 10.

The whiny parolee wants unspecified damages and claims Hasper’s actions were “not reasonable under the circumstances.”

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