Fair Yikes For The MTA

Fair Hikes For The MTA

The first fair hike meeting for the MTA was held on Tuesday November 27, 2018. During the meeting plans were discussed in regarding how to implement a new fare hike that is approved would take effect in March of 2019. The article “It’s no fare, Bezos” by Dan Rivoli published in the New York Daily News on Wednesday November 28, 2018 details the controversy surrounding the proposed fare hike.
Riders and other members of the public had a chance to voice their opposition to the proposed fare hikes. The MTA is optioning two different methods of raising fares. The first method is the remove the 5% bonus riders receive for adding $5.50 or more to a MetroCard. The other method would be to increase the base fare to $3 and riders would receive a 10% bonus for every round trip added to a MetroCard. The fare increase would also affect a 4% increase for Metro North and Long Island Railroad passengers who use weekly, monthly and one-way fares.
What do you think about the potential fare hikes? Would this increase the likely hood of you using alternate methods of transportation in the city? Let us know what you think.


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