Fair Fare Program

Fair Fare Program

The $89 billion budget for New York City will include the Fair Fare Program.  According to the article “$89B budget has fare deal” by Erin Durkin and Jillian Jorgensen published in the NYDailyNews.com on Tuesday June 12, 2018 the mayor and City Council Speaker have agreed on a budget deal Monday.  Included in the deal was the Fair Fare program which provides half price metro cards for people living under the poverty line in New York.

De Blasio had for months put forth the argument that the city did not have the funds for the program.  He argued that the city needed a dedicated revenue source to fund the project.  He had hoped to implement a millionaires’ tax to fund the project but never got it.  Right now the city is providing $106 million to get the program started, and analyze the costs.  The City Council originally wanted $212 million for the program but settled for the $106 million to get the program started and analyze the costs.

What do you think?  Will this program help New Yorkers?  Is it worth the cost?  Should a millionaire tax be implemented to fund this in the future?

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