How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets contain 3 to 11 points and convictions usually result in an increase of insurance premiums. The cost of a speeding ticket ranges greatly depending the severity of the violation.  Along with the cost of the ticket, there’s an $80 NYS surcharge and a $100 annual driver assessment fee if you have 6 or more points already.

Fighting a speeding ticket can help reduce the number of points to your license or waive the charges altogether depending on your case.  The following comprehensive guide will allow you to understand the point system for speeding tickets at a TVB—Traffic Violation Bureau.

  • First determine how many points your offense carries.
Driving 1-10 MPH over the speed limit3 points
Driving 11-20 MPH over the speed limit4 points
Driving 21-30 MPH over the speed limit6 points
Driving 31-40 MPH over the speed limit8 points
Driving over 40 MPH over speed limit11 points


Remember that the DMV can suspend your license for accumulating 11 points or more within 18 months (regardless of violation type).  In addition, simply receiving 3 convictions for speeding tickets in an 18-month period results in a 6 month revocation of your license.

The TVB—Traffic Violations Bureau only allows you to plead guilty or not guilty.  In addition, they have several locations all over New York City including: Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens and Rochester.  Because TVB offers a win-all or lose-all scenario, it’s important to have an experienced lawyer to defend you.

Often the lawyer will pay special attention to the police officer’s testimony to determine if there are any inconsistencies between what they wrote about the violation and their court statement.  For example, if an officer says that a driver was speeding on “123 Blvd,” but the police notes say that the driver was speeding on “ABC Street,” then the lawyer could point out the inconsistency to reach a better outcome.  In some instances, the lawyer may request to reschedule the court date to ensure a fair trial.

If you have a speeding ticket or any other NYC traffic tickets and violations, call us immediately at (212) 227-9008 or email us at  When you hire Michael Block, Traffic Ticket Attorney, you are not required to attend court.  We will always call to update you about your court dates and results as well as answer any questions you have about the process.

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