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Following Too Closely

Following Too Closely

Follow Too Closely is a ticket that can be issued by a police officer.  It carries a fine and 4 points if you are convicted.  It is important to avoid following other cars on the road too closely.  Sudden stops can lead to collisions and improper space between cars can cause grid lock which can result in motorists receiving a Spill Back ticket.  Be aware of your surroundings while driving, make sure you always have a safe distance between your own vehicle and the one in front of you.

Do you know the proper distance you should maintain between your vehicle and those in front of you?  Are you anticipating sudden stops and the distance required to keep yourself and other motorists safe on the road?  Let us know in the comment section.

If you receive a summons for a cell phone, disobey traffic device or any other moving violation, an experienced traffic ticket attorney can help. Please call us at 212-227-9008 or email us at michaelblock.law@gmail.com

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