Guest Feature: The Automotive Academy for New York & Cross County Safety Education

Are you unfamiliar with the current New York State driving rules and regulations? Or are you in danger of having your license suspended?  The Automotive Academy for New York (AANY) and Cross County Safety Education (CCSE) are great resources for both issues. AANY offers driving lessons, and accident prevention courses. CCSE offers a Health & Safety course that offers point reduction for any eligible driver. Most drivers facing suspension are eligible for point reduction.

Automotive Academy for New York Driving School and Cross County Safety Education are two sister companies that have been in existence since March 2013; With dual efforts, they have designed their delivery of services to assist New York State’s motorists in understanding, interpreting and staying within the confines of New York State’s stringent traffic laws.  It also helps motorists meet the challenge of keeping abreast of the changes and modifications in all traffic laws, requirements, fines and fees in New York State.

About Driving Services

Automotive Academy for New York (AANY) is a New York State licensed driving school in the state of New York. It provides the following services to its community: Driving Lessons, 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Class, Defensive Driving, Road Test Preparatory for CDL and Class D Licenses, and Community Fund Raising Options. It provides FREE consultations to people who need to renew, maintain or acquire commercial or Class D NYS driver’s licenses. Automotive Academy for New York Driving School offers services to the community in Long Island, Queens, Albany and Central NY.

The driving school’s newest venture for community involvement it the New Driver Start Up course; hosted by CUNY York College’s Department of Continuing Education. Tangible outcomes of this course include New Driver Pre-License Certificate, Defensive Driving Accident Prevention Certificate, 2 Road Test Prep Driving Lessons, and a Scheduled Road Test.

About Accident Prevention Services

Cross County Safety Education, Inc. (CCSE) offers New York’s Accident Prevention through Empire Safety Council.  It services the Capital Region, Central NY, Long Island and the five boroughs. It has strengthened its community relationships by providing services to Local 804 (UPS drivers), Uniondale Fire Department, the Utica Public Library and classes to Albany, Clinton and Utica public schools.

Cross County Safety Education, Inc. is ready to assist you and your members to become safer drivers while reducing the cost of your insurance and to assist in getting points off your license. The topics for each class address the current traffic and road conditions specific to the area that it services. Topics include snowy road conditions, rural or urban driving, aggression and road rage dynamics, city lane markings, etc. This Health & Safety Program is a fast, easy, and inexpensive accident prevention workshop that provides individuals with proven effective accident prevention methods.  Upon completion of the course, the driver will obtain a 3 year insurance discount and point reductions on their driving record. Fund raising incentives are offered to clubs and organizations in communities to support safe driving.

AANY’s headquarters is located in Uniondale NY, for more information on taking a Defensive Driving course you can call AANY at (516) 279-9281 or email them at

It’s important to stay on top of any and all New York State traffic law changes. You never want to get pulled over for breaking a law that you were unaware of. Contrary to popular belief, not knowing isn’t a good enough reason to not get ticketed. And if you have received over 6 points within the last 18-months and are facing a possible suspension you should seek counsel immediately. We can fight for you! Give us a call at 212-227-9008 or email us at