Help With Speeding Tickets In Harrison, New York

We have been defending a lot of speeding tickets in Harrison Town Court this year.  Don’t pay your ticket on-line.  On-line payments are easy, but you are pleading guilty when you pay on line. You do not want to plead guilty to a speeding ticket in Harrison.  You will be left with fines and points.  Those fines and points translate onto your driving record and your insurance record.

According to the New York Safety, speed limits are carefully researched and designed around typical road conditions to keep you safe and reduce roadway injuries.  For a first conviction a New York speeding ticket can range between $45-$600 in fines, plus a surcharge and possible Driver Assessment Fees. While not common, judges can impose jail sentences of up to 30 days for speeding tickets in New York.

Allstate weighs in on the effect of speeding tickets on the cost of your car insurance.  According to Allstate, Insurers may check driving records at any time and consider drivers with speeding tickets a greater insurance risk.  This can increase premiums for drivers even if they haven’t made a claim.

Consider hiring an attorney to fight for you if you are pulled over for speeding in Harrison Town in Westchester County.  When selecting an attorney go with one who has a lot of experience fighting Traffic Tickets. At the Law Office of Michael Block, you have come to the right place for ticket defense. We are top rated by reviews on Google, AVVO, Findlaw, BBB and Yelp.  Contact us via our website at; email at; or by phone at (212)227-9008.


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