Headphone Tickets in New York

Did You Know!  You could receive a traffic ticket for driving with headphones!

While most of us are aware that it’s illegal to use your cellphone while driving, we should be very careful about driving with headphones which is also illegal.

Some studies have also shown that listening to music with headphones is just as dangerous as texting while driving.  Using both ear buds also blocks out the sound of any emergency vehicles or possible dangers on the road.  They pose a distraction for drivers behind the wheel.

According to Vehicle and Traffic Law, under article 375-24, it is illegal for the driver to be wearing “more than one earphone attached to a radio, tape player or other audio device.”  This means that listening to music on your cellphone or iPod, with more than one headphone in, is also illegal.

But—What about one ear-bud?  Technically talking on the phone hands free or with only one ear bud, is legal.  Devices such as Bluetooth use one ear-bud and are considered legal.  Many vehicles now have built in Stereo Bluetooth which allows you to sync a cell phone or electronic device to make conversations completely hands-free.  These are also legal.

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