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Hear Is An Earful About Head Phone Tickets

Hear Is An Earful About Head Phone Tickets

In New York State it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while wearing head phones, ear buds, or any other objects that would impede your ability to hear other drivers. These tickets carry no points but do come with a fine and often can be added to other tickets like a cellphone ticket or a seat belt ticket. Being able to hear other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians is important to maintain the safety of all involved and to ensure smooth traffic flow. Hearing the motor of a vehicle in your blind spot can help avoid accidents. Hearing sirens, horns, and other emergency notifications helps to coordinate traffic flow and get emergency vehicles where they need to be with minimal interruption to traffic flow.

What do you think about headphone tickets? Will you avoid using headphones while driving in the future? Let us know below.

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