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Alan Schlesinger is the founder of Abbott Safety Consulting,Inc. and APS driving lessons. Abbott Safety is a corporation that provides commercial drivers and warehouse safety specialists with affordable programs for accident prevention that meet the specific needs of trucking companies. APS driving lessons provides lessons for drivers to pass their road test on the first try in the comfort of their own vehicle. With a 95% success rate, he is the man to call if you, a loved one, or a friend needs some driving help. He is dedicated to providing drivers with safety tools and techniques to avoid accidents at all costs. We called Alan to get an insider interview. Here’s what he said.

Michael Block, New York Traffic Ticket Attorney: Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started.

Alan Schlesinger: I learned the business very young when I swept floors, operated forklifts, drove heavy-duty trucks and tractor-trailers for my grandfather, father, and uncle. I got my bachelor’s degree and then returned to the family business and eventually became the Executive Vice President in charge of Operations, Transportation and Safety. In 2006 I founded Abbott Safety Consulting. I am also a former CDL driver, a licensed CDL examiner, an experienced Driver Trainer and I have OSHA and DPT certifications. I am also certified by the National Safety Council, the National Traffic Safety Institute and the American Safety Institute.

Michael Block, New York Traffic Ticket Attorney: What does Abbott Safety Consulting Incorporated Specialize in? Do you offer training in anything? Where is it located?

Alan Schlesinger: We are located in White Plains, New York. We specialize in a variety of things including:

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We also offer training in:

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Michael Block,New York Traffic Ticket Attorney:What is the CSA and why is that important to your students?

Alan Schlesinger: The CSA is a U.S Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enforcement program requiring large commercial vehicle carriers to be in compliance with safety Laws and regulations. It has three main parts including; Measuring safety performance/Collecting data-CSA BASICs (Behavioral Analysis Safety Improvement Categories), Evaluation of high risk driving behavior- identifying candidates for intervention and which type of interventions needed, and Intervention to improve safety. Abbott Safety can evaluate and help truck drivers comply with CSA.

Michael Block,New York Traffic Ticket Attorney:Are there any services you provide that can help improve driving records?

Alan Schlesinger: Yes. We offer a 6-hour New York Point Insurance Reduction Course (Defensive Driving). It can help drivers reduce points on their record received from New York traffic violations by up to 4 points and save up to 10% on their insurance for a three year period. Register for the course online at our website.

Michael Block, New York Traffic Ticket Attorney: Do you offer private driving lessons for non-truck drivers as well? If so, where do you offer these lessons?

Alan Schlesinger: Yes, I offer private driving lessons, I am a certified driving instructor and I have single and package lessons available. I can set up appointments to be taken to road test sights at the student’s local DMV and I have an extremely high success rate for passing road tests on the first try. I allow my students to arrive and practice in a personal car that they are used to, to ensure comfort. I am able to travel to Manhattan, the five boroughs, Westchester County, New Jersey, and Long Island.

Alan takes pride in helping trucking companies improve their high way safety driving records and company enforcement of driving safety regulations. He is extremely patient and is dedicated to helping students pass their road tests on the first try.

For more information or to schedule your driving lessons please visit his website  and contact him at (704) 996-1082 or For Truck driving safety information call him at: (914) 607-2997 or email him at





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