If You Don’t Work For MTA, Stay Out Of The Bus Lane!

Effective February 25, 2016, all tickets issued for improper use of the bus lane in New York City now carry 2 points! This violation previously carried no points, but now you will receive points in addition to a $138 minimum fine.

There are two types of bus lanes; a curbside bus lane, which is a travel lane for buses at the curb and an offset bus lane that is a travel lane for buses that is one lane away from the curb. If you are caught driving, parking or obstructing this lane for any reason during hours of operation you will be ticketed. Bus lanes are marked by signs and or pavement markings.

If you receive a bus lane summons in New York City, I can fight for you. Give me a call at 212-227-9008 or email me at


Photo Credit Visualhunt