Interesting Story on Texting And Driving

Matt Rictel wrote a great newspaper article in Sunday’s N.Y. times. The article begins with the statement “Technology to block texting while driving could save lives, but it’s not being deployed.”

Society needs to do a better job of instilling values in its citizens so that drivers understand it is okay not to not be in constant communication with their friends while they are driving. The potential loss of human life greatly outweighs the loss of touch for a period of time.

NY State Drivers also need to realize that summonses for texting and Cellphone use contain 5 points. People mistakenly think that if you plead guilty, you only need to pay a fine (minimum $138). Drivers do not always know about the points. Perhaps if the minimum fines were greatly increased, drivers would try to stop engaging in such dangerous behavior.

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Photo Credit Visualhunt