Lawsuit Accuses Uber of Promoting Reckless Driving and Breaking NY Cell Phone Laws

A lawsuit brought against Uber by XYZ Two Way Radio Services and Elite Limousine Plus claims that the company’s drivers are a “pack of predatory drivers racing to win fares with their eyes on their phones instead of the road.” This is in reference to the fact that Uber fares are accepted via the smartphone app and also that the company urges drivers to communicate with each other by texting or calling. Since Uber drivers only have 15 seconds to accept a fare in their area before it goes to another driver, the lawsuit states that the drivers must be accepting fares on their phones while driving, which is in direct defiance of New York’s cell phone laws. The plaintiff’s attorney also claims that “Uber’s business model unleashes in this city thousands of drivers encouraged to engage in conduct that is not only unsafe, but unlawful.”

Reckless driving tickets and cell phone tickets both carry 5 points in New York in addition to heavy fines, and reckless driving is also a criminal charge. If you are a driver in New York and receive a reckless driving ticket, a cell phone ticket, or any other traffic ticket, please contact us at 212-227-9008 or to see how we may help you.