List of the Most Ticketed Cars in the United States

A new list was published that shows which cars get the most traffic tickets in the United States. While driving one of these cars does not mean you will automatically get a traffic ticket, the data shows that drivers of these cars are more likely to get tickets, especially speeding tickets, than others. The list is as follows:

20. Toyota Prius C
19. Infiniti QX56/QX80
18. Saturn Aura
17. Mitsubishi 3000 GT
16. Mini Cooper S Countryman
15. Pontiac G8
14. Scion xA
13. Suzuki Reno.
12. Volkswagen GTI
11. Hyundai Veloster
10. Mazda 2
9. Toyota FJ Cruiser
8. Scion tC
7. Mercury Topaz
6. Volkswagen Rabbit
5. Subaru Tribeca
4. Toyota Supra
3. Scion FR-S
2. Pontiac GTO
1. Subaru WRX

There are some surprises on the list, like the Volkswagen Rabbit, the Mercury Topaz, and the Saturn Aura – especially considering none of these cars have been made in the United States for the past several years. Others, like the WRX and Toyota Supra, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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