Long Island Uber Drivers May Face Jail Time

23 Uber drivers have been charged with violating East Hampton’s taxi licensing law, and the attorney representing the drivers expects that jail time could be a very real possibility. Uber, which came to the Hamptons 3 years ago, was suspended by the town last week for the licensing violations. The penalties for the taxi license violation, which is a misdemeanor crime, are a fine of up to $1,000 and up to a year in jail.

Town officials claim that Uber has had over a year to work with the town’s licensing law, but the ride-sharing app chose to withdraw from the town and start a petition campaign instead of complying. Other local-based ride-sharing apps are beginning to launch and could provide competition to Uber if and when the company returns to the Hamptons.

Please let us know your thoughts: Do you think jail is too stiff a penalty for the Uber drivers?



Photo Credit Visualhunt