Looking for a Career Change? Try the Commercial Automotive Industry

I’ve had the privilege to know and do business with Roman Gold for over 10 years.  He owns a successful CDL Driving school in Brooklyn and Spring Valley, New York. If you or someone you know is interested in a Commercial Driver occupation I strongly recommend going to CDL Auto Club, Inc. Roman and CDL Auto Club, Inc. have been a great resource to my clients over the years , so I asked him to share a little bit about his school, CDL Auto Club, Inc.

New York Traffic Ticket Attorney: Tell us a little bit about CDL Auto Club, Inc.

Roman Gold: At the CDL Auto Club Inc. we offer convenient automotive training to fit your needs. In business since 1991 we have helped thousands of people pass their road test. At the CDL Auto Club Inc. we specialize in driving lessons and refresher courses, commercial driving license (CDL) training, 5 hour pre-licensing classes and own a variety of vehicles to help you pass your road test. When you learn how to drive with us, we will provide the same vehicle you were trained on to take your road test, especially if you on trained on a tractor trailer or a bus.

New York Traffic Ticket Attorney: Why is making a career switch to being a Commercial Vehicle Operator a good idea?

Roman Gold: The commercial driver occupation represents a good employment opportunity. The Job Growth Forecasts indicate that there will be readily available jobs for drivers for the foreseeable future. Entry-level drivers enjoyed starting compensation levels around $35,000 per year. Many transportation companies offer benefits such as insurance, retirement plans, paid vacations and safety bonuses. Drivers that are successful as employees can become owner-operators and own their own businesses, which is how many of today’s large trucking companies began. Everyone has heard of outsourcing, where jobs are shipped overseas. That simply cannot be done with Commercial drivers.

New York Traffic Ticket Attorney: Why should someone who is interested in obtaining their CDL license choose CDL Auto Club, Inc.?

Roman Gold: Delivering your success is the foundation of our service. When selecting a driving school, you need to have confidence that your instructor is always doing what’s right for you…and not what may be convenient for them. All of our instructors work for the CDL Auto Club Inc. No services are outsourced. Your success is important to us. Most of our business comes from referrals from existing students. In a matter of weeks, you can be trained and placed in a new career as a professional Commercial Vehicle Operator, placing you on the fastest road to success in the new economy.

New York Traffic Ticket Attorney: Does CDL Auto Club, Inc. offer any other services?

Roman Gold: We also offer 6 hour defensive driving courses for anyone who would like to reduce up to four (4) active points on their driver’s license. This course can be useful in removing points received within the last 18 months.

New York Traffic Ticket Attorney: That would be very helpful for my clients who have received summonses that carried points.

New York Traffic Ticket Attorney: Where can interested students take classes and how can they get in contact with you?

Roman Gold: There are two locations to choose from 2749 Stillwell Avenue 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11224, or 16 N Main St, Spring Valley, NY 10977.  Please visit for more information or call 718-266- 2555 with any questions.




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