Nassau County wants to Raise Money on the Backs of Motorists

On the front page of Newsday County Executive Curran plans to raise revenue by increasing fees. Drivers beware. The first three items on County Executive Laura Curran’s list target drivers:

Increase Traffic and Parking Violations Agency fees by 2%.

Search for Vehicles with outstanding moving violations to boot and tow the cars. This one is new my friends. So not only do you face the potential for higher insurance fees, and points on your license, but now your car can be towed too.

A $100 program fee for a new distracted driver educations program.

A $75 fee for motorists who answer their tickets but neglect to pay fines.

The County Executive is citing a fiscal crisis in Nassau County. The parking and traffic violations fees require approval by the county legislature so there is still time to let your voice be heard on this issue.

It is now more important than ever to pay attention to any moving violations issued by Police Officers in Nassau County. If you find yourself pulled over and ticketed, give us a call. Check out our reviews on line, and contact us via our website at or email We are a phone call away for a free consultation at 212-227-9008.

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