Revenue Increase For Nassau County

Revenue Increase For Nassau County

The revenue for red-light camera tickets increased for Nassau County in the year 2016.  A recent county report shows that revenue from the red-light program increased by roughly 44% in 2016 verses 2015.  The article published in Newsday Monday June 11, 2018 by Candice Ferrette and Robert Brodsky describes the conditions that may have caused the upswing in revenue and how local lawmakers are reacting to the information.

It was reported that Nassau officials claim that an increase to the “Driver Responsibility” fee of $15 to $45 is the most likely reason for the increased income.  There are lawmakers who want to use the revenue generated by the red-light camera tickets to shore up budgetary short falls, while other lawmakers view the fines from the tickets as excessive and a burden on citizens.

Questions of the program’s effectiveness have for a long time been present.  Proponents of the program cite accident patterns and accident statistics from before and after installation of the cameras as a sign that they are effective in protecting the public.  Opponents cite year to year comparisons showing an uptick in accidents at specific locations.

What do you think? How can lawmakers balance budgets, protect the public, and avoid unnecessary fines for drivers?

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