Nearly 4,000 Drivers Banned for Life after DWI Convictions

Since adopting harsher penalties for drunk drivers three years ago, New York State has permanently revoked nearly 4,000 drivers’ licenses for serial offenders. Since late 2012, New York has been suspending licenses of those with 3 DWI convictions over the past 25 years – this led to the suspension of over 7,500 licenses. Drivers with 3 DWI convictions over the past 25 years in addition to other serious violations, such as causing a fatal accident or receiving 20 points on their licenses, may also face a permanent driving ban.

A driver’s license suspension means that the person cannot legally drive during the period of the suspension, while a revocation means that the person’s driving privileges have been cancelled and they will have to reapply for a license at the end of the revocation period.

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Photo Credit Visualhunt