New Truck Route on Oyster Bay Road (Off of Long Island Expressway)

New Truck Route on South Oyster Bay Road

Original Article featured on Newsday

There is a new truck route on South Oyster Bay Road that operates as an access road off of the Long Island Expressway route 107.  Although letters were sent notifying South Oyster Bay County about the change, no one filed an objection.  Thus, the change took place.  Jane Harrigan, principle of Our Lady of Mercy School fears that children traveling to and from school will be unsafe crossing the streets.  She suggests that trucks use the106/107 truck route nearby.

The new route allows access to double-trailer trucks as long as 65 feet and auto-carries as long as 75 feet to drive on this local road.  Residents feel that they should have a say about the changes as they’re also affected by the rumbling noises caused by the loud trucks.

Unfortunately, the town cannot override the state on the new route decision because it meets the required safety criteria.  Withdraw of the new designation will only happen if there is proof of actual safety problems such as truck accidents or proof of trucks veering into other lanes while turning.  Until then, the state is obliged to allow the truck route for as long as safety requirements are met.