New York Cell Phone Tickets And What You Need To Know

While cell phone tickets carry one of the highest point totals in New York, texting and driving isn’t the only thing that will get you pulled over.

Drivers can be pulled over for talking on a cell phone, writing, sending or reading a text message or email, viewing images and playing games. In fact, unless a driver is trying to contact emergency services or call 911, if they are using a cell phone while driving, they can be pulled over and written a ticket.

Although New York cell phone tickets carry 5 points—the same amount as reckless driving or passing a school bus—the number of tickets written has increased 205 percent from 2012 to 2016, according to state data. And there continues to be a direct correlation between distracted driving and accidents in New York.

According to a report released by the Governor’s office, almost 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of near crashes involved a driver looking away from the road prior to the accident.

How Cell Phone Tickets Affect Your Driving Record

A cell phone ticket can have a detrimental effect on a driving record, especially if the driver has existing points from a previous traffic ticket. If a driver accumulates 11 points in an 18-month period, they may have their license suspended.

Aside from getting 5 points on their license, drivers run the risk of receiving a fine up to a $200 for their first offense, $250 for a second or $450 for a third offense within 18 months, according to the DMV.

While adult drivers face 5 points and a fine for their first conviction, probationary and junior drivers’ first offense will result in the suspension of the driver license or permit for 120 days. If convicted for a second time within six months, the driver may have their probationary or junior license revoked for at least a year.

Michael Block Can Help

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