New York Cell Phone Tickets


NY Cell Phone Ticket Lawyer

One of the highest point tickets in New York is the cell phone ticket. Drivers are issued this ticket if they are caught talking, texting, or even just holding or looking at their cell phone while operating a vehicle. The New York cell phone ticket carries 5 points, which is the same as a ticket for reckless driving or passing a stopped school bus. Obviously, New York takes its cell phone law very seriously, and so do cell phone lawyers.

A New York cell phone ticket, especially in conjunction with another ticket, such as a speeding ticket, can have dire consequences for drivers. If a person is ticketed for speeding while either texting or talking on the phone, their license may be suspended, as New York suspends licenses that have 11 points within 18 months. The New York Driver Assessment Program imposes fees of $300 over the course of 3 years for drivers who have 6 points on their records, as well as additional fees for any additional points.

Probationary drivers and drivers with learner’s permits are subject to even heavier penalties for cell phone use while operating a vehicle, as their driving privileges may be suspended for 6 months to a year, depending on the frequency of their infractions.

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