New York City Traffic Lawyer: Basics of Speeding Tickets

New York City Traffic Lawyer: Basics of Speeding Tickets

The enforcement of speeding ticket violations is an important part of New York City traffic laws, and a conviction can have a drastic impact on your finances. Representation by a New York City Traffic Attorney can help prevent negative financial and driving record consequences.


Fines for Speeding Tickets range from $115 to almost $1,300, depending on the severity and circumstances of the violation and your driving record. Additionally, the court adds surcharges to the fine, $88 and adds an additional assessment for convictions of 6 or more points. A New York City Traffic Court Lawyer can be crucial in guiding you through the New York City traffic court process, and may be able to assist you so that you are not handing over your hard earned money to the government.

Points and Driver’s License Suspension

Convictions for Speeding Tickets add from 3 to 11 points on your driver’s license, which, just like Speeding Ticket Fines, depend on the speed you are charged with. New York State often suspends driver’s licenses at 11 points – in addition, if you are convicted of three speeding violations within 18 months in New York State, your license will be revoked for at least 6 months. This revocation can have an extremely negative impact on your life, especially when it comes to finances. If having a valid driver’s license is necessary for your line of work, having your license suspended for 6 months can cause you to lose your job, and if that is your sole source of income, it will increase the hardships you may face. Additionally, after all convictions, you may face an increase in insurance premiums.

Insurance Rates

Pleading guilty to a ticket and paying the fine may be more costly than just that initial payment to the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you plead guilty to the violation, points will be added to your driver’s license record. The addition of points on your record may increase your insurance rates. This will have consequences for you: not only will you have to pay the fine (and surcharge) for the speeding ticket, but your premiums may go up and may cost you thousands of extra dollars over the course of a few short years. A New York City Ticket Attorney can help to steer you down the right path and help to save you money and points in the long run. 

These are just a few of the issues that Traffic Lawyers in New York City and Long Island handle for their clients. In addition, a Traffic Attorney can almost always represent you without your appearance in court, which can save you valuable time. If you have questions on how a speeding ticket affects you and your ability to drive here in New York, feel free to contact our office at (212) 227-9008 for assistance.