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There are some New York traffic violations that are criminal offenses and require a personal appearance. Charges include reckless driving, DWI, unlicensed operation of a vehicle, and operation of a vehicle with a suspended registration. In addition, there are a number of non-vehicular criminal offenses for which a person may receive a ticket. Many of these cases can be taken care of by an attorney without the appearance of the client. These criminal summons and tickets include:

DISORDERLY CONDUCTLittering (liquids) (urinating in public)
TRESPASSINGUnlawful Possession of Marijuana
BICYCLE ON SIDEWALKPermit Unlicensed Operation of Vehicle
OPERATION OF MOTOR VEHICLE IN VIOLATION OF SAFETY RULESOperation of Motor Vehicle with Suspended Registration
RECKLESS DRIVINGLeaving the Scene of an accident


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Appearing before a judge without a New York criminal defense attorney can lead to disastrous consequences. If you have received a summons for any of the above criminal offenses, or have received a traffic ticket that carries criminal charges, please contact us immediately.

Criminal Summonses or Pink Summonses can be issued for a number of violations. DWI/DUIs and minor crimes like Public Urination, Trespassing and Public Intoxication are just a few of the common summonses. A pink summons can be issued to either a corporation or an individual.

Summonses issued to corporations are usually commercial offenses. When a truck driver gets pulled over, the summons is made out to the company and not the actual driver. It is important to note that in New York, a corporation must appear with an attorney. It is usually unnecessary for a representative of the company to appear in court with the lawyer.  It also doesn’t matter if the corporation is made up of two people or 200, an attorney is required.

NY Criminal Defense Attorney

Commercial drivers are at risk to lose their licenses if they receive two summonses within a three year period. The best way to handle a corporate criminal summons is to contact an experienced New York Traffic and CDL Ticket Attorney immediately. Retaining counsel should always be the first thing on your list since you are required to have legal representation.

The most common Criminal Summonses issued are to individuals. There are many violations that will result in NYPD issuing Criminal Summonses. Some are more serious than others. The most serious tickets are miscellaneous violations. They include Reckless Driving (a misdemeanor and 5 points) and Driving with a Suspended License (also a misdemeanor). Other, less serious offenses include Disorderly Conduct, Open Container of Alcohol and Public Urination. These are violations and will not result in a permanent criminal record.

Back in March the New York City Police Department and Manhattan District Attorney  announced a policy shift. People who commit minor crimes will receive a summons instead of being arrested. The NYPD began issuing summonses as a way to reduce the backlog of criminal cases pending in court. BUT receiving a criminal summons is equivalent to being arrested. When you are given a criminal ticket you must pay close attention to your ticket. Do not disregard your summons and simply plan to pay it whenever. Immediate action must be taken.

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