New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer: Failure to Stop for a School Bus Ticket

According to Safe NY, 50,000 vehicles illegally pass a stopped school bus every day.  Passing a stopped school bus is a very serious offense with a $250-$400 fine and 5 points for a first conviction.  Although unlikely, a 30 day jail sentence can also be imposed.

According to N.Y. VTL § 1174, a driver who meets or overtakes (from either direction) a school bus that has stopped to receive or discharge any passengers, and which has at least one flashing red signal lamp, must stop their vehicle before reaching said school bus. The driver must also remain stopped until the bus continues moving or signals for the driver to pass, or until a police officer gives the driver permission to continue.

Yellow lights signify that the bus is coming to a stop so the driver must slow down.  Red light means that the students are getting off of the bus.  Drivers must come to a full stop even if they’re on the other side of a divided highway.

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