New Yorkers Blow through Red Lights at Alarming Rates

While Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Vision Zero plan has implemented more than 150 red light cameras and brought in $16.9 Million in revenue from camera tickets, studies reveal that NYC drivers continue to rush past the red light 10 percent of the time.

Still, it’s easy to speed past a red light sometimes. The yellow light changes too quickly, or you find yourself already passing the light before realizing that it has changed.  Regardless of how it happened, red light tickets carry costly fines and can contribute to an increase in the cost of your insurance.  A camera ticket is different from a ticket issued directly by the police officer.  A camera ticket has no points, but a ticket issued by an officer does.

Camera Ticket
If your car is photographed running a red light on camera, you will receive a NOL—Notice of Liability.  You may fight the red light camera charges within 30 days.  If you plead guilty, you will be required to pay a fine of at least $50 (not including surcharges).  You will not receive points for these tickets and they will not be reported to your insurance company.  A red light ticket issued by a police officer is different.

Ticket Issued by a Police Officer
If a police officer issues the red light ticket, then your offense will be categorized as a traffic infraction and your conviction will result in 3 points on your license as well as a likely increase in your insurance premium.  The cost of an NYC Red light ticket, issued by a police officer is as follows:

● $190 minimum (plus surcharge) for the first offense (in an 18 month period).
●  $375 minimum (plus surcharge) for the second offense (in an 18 month time period).
● $940 minimum (plus surcharge) for the third offense (in an 18 month time period).

Always remember that if you receive 11 points in an 18 month period your New York driver’s license may be suspended.  Drive carefully and give us a call at
(212) 227-9008 or email for help with any traffic tickets or moving violations.

Photo Credit VisualHunt