New York’s “Speed Week” Kicks Off Increased Speeding Enforcement This Summer

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the New York State Police will target speeding and aggressive drivers this week, which will kick off a summer-long traffic enforcement initiative. 

Troopers will also actively patrol highway work zones and will target drivers who violate New York’s “Move Over” Law. Troopers will be using both marked State Police vehicles and Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement (CITE) vehicles as part of the operation.

Speeding by all vehicle types, as well as other traffic violations, will be heavily enforced throughout the summer in addition to normal year-round enforcement.

A single speeding ticket can carry enough points for a license suspension. If a motorist is caught driving 41 miles over the speed limit, they can receive 11 points on their license—enough to have it suspended. A judge has the power to suspend or not suspend the license; therefore, Michael Block can help save your license.

In the five boroughs, every speeding ticket goes to trial and in the Nassau and Suffolk Counties suburbs.

If you are issued a speeding ticket, call Michael Block to fight it for you.

Photo Credit Visualhunt