No More “Distracted Driver Program” for Cell Phones in Nassau

Many of you have repeatedly told us that the cell phone ticket you received was unfair because you were sitting at a red light, or you were at a stop sign or you briefly touched it without using it as a phone. People with cell phone tickets in Nassau County have been subjected to the installation of a tracking device in their car to monitor their use of a cell phone or electronic device. This had been problematic for many. Firstly, its expensive. The driver has to pay for the installation. Secondly, it’s the time involved to install the device. Thirdly if more than one person drives your car the device is still in place and recording that driver’s activity.

An alternative we have always provided to our clients is fighting cell phones tickets thru trials in Nassau County Traffic Violations Bureau. As our client you have always had the option of a trial instead of installing one of these devices in your car. Many of you have benefited from our experience in trials in Nassau County.

Changes have happened and I wanted to let you know in case you find yourself driving in Nassau County. Beginning in August this year, Nassau County Traffic Violations Bureau made major changes regarding Cell Phone and Portable Electronic Tickets.  It is no longer an option to enter in to the Distracted Driver Program in Nassau. It was never a good option to begin with because an experience traffic ticket attorney is never afraid to go to trial for his clients.  

New York State Law prohibits driving while holding a Cell Phone while talking, texting, reading, browsing or using as a GPS. Convictions for these tickets put five (5) points on your license.  If you have a good driving record, we can usually significantly reduce the amount of points. A fine will be assessed to a reduced charge.  Of course, it is unsafe to use your cell phone while driving. However, as your New York DMV attorney, we can help if you get a ticket.

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