NYC Cell Phone Tickets Skyrocket since Last Year

The number of NYC cell phone tickets handed out since last year increased by 50% due to police officers becoming much more attuned to the habits of cell phone using drivers. Almost 50,000 tickets have been issued since 2014, while over 75,000 cell phone tickets were written elsewhere in New York State, a 35% increase from 2013 numbers. A source in the NYPD says that cops are feeling increased pressure from the state government to write more cell phone tickets, and that the increase has less to do with more people using their cell phones than before and more with police officers having a better idea of what to look for when enforcing cell phone laws. Many police departments enact week long crackdowns, such as the one state police are running right now in conjunction with Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Drivers who are convicted of violating New York’s cell phone laws can face a fine of $450 and 5 points on their driver’s license, while provisional and permit drivers risk having their driving privileges suspended. If you receive an NYC cell phone ticket or any other traffic ticket, please contact us at 212-227-9008.


Photo Credit Visualhunt