NYC Traffic Ticket Attorney

NYC Traffic Ticket Attorney

NYC Traffic Ticket Attorney

NYC Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you have ever received a traffic ticket that you felt was unfair you’re not alone. Sometimes it seems that police officers are just looking for ways to hand out tickets. If you have received a ticket that isn’t fair you don’t have to pay. Instead, you can take the matter to court. A NYC traffic ticket attorney will help you fight the ticket and keep you from the consequences of traffic violations.

How to Fight a NYC Traffic Ticket

You can fight a traffic ticket and win. There are some tips for fighting a traffic ticket that will help make the process easier and less stressful. First, do not argue with the police officer. It will likely not do any good and it could actually cause harm. You don’t need to create animosity. There is a process in place if you disagree with a ticket. You can choose to take the matter to court.

Don’t pay the ticket. If you pay a ticket you are waiving your right to a trial and essentially admitting guilt. While this may not seem to be of much importance, it can create a very difficult and expensive situation for you and your family. Every time you are convicted or guilty of a traffic violation you receive a number of points on your driving record.

If you accumulate too many points your license will be suspended. You will also find that your insurance rates may go up as a result of tickets. Therefore, it is in your best interest to fight a traffic ticket, especially if it was unfair. Get help from an experienced NYC traffic ticket attorney to assist you in fighting the ticket and protecting your rights.

Help from a Knowledgeable NYC Traffic Ticket Attorney

It is usually a good idea to seek representation from a skilled NYC traffic ticket attorney. Your lawyer understands the process and knows the best way to fight and win certain types of moving violations.

Your attorney will gather as much information as possible about your traffic ticket so he can develop a strong and effective defense. For example, in speeding cases, the radar gun that the officer used may not have been properly calibrated or there may have been other vehicles in the way at the time. Many different situations may make any type of ticket questionable.

Traffic ticket convictions come with fines and point penalties. If you accumulate 11 points within an 18 month period of time your license will be suspended. Most minor infractions will cost you 3 points. More serious infractions are 4 or 5 points. Speeding is one of the most harmful violations as far as your record is concerned.

You will receive more points when you are convicted of traveling more MPH over the posted speed limit. If you were going more than 40 MPH over the limit you will receive 11 points if convicted. That means you could lose your license after just this one violation. Don’t let that happen to you. Contact our experienced legal team to assist you in fighting your traffic ticket.

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