NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer: Meet Delancey Car Service

We have worked closely with Delancey Car Service for about 10 years.  Many of their drivers bring their tickets to Michael when they need a trusted lawyer to defend their traffic tickets.

Delancey has been in service since 1991.  The owner, Rafael, tells us that their fleet started out small with only 5 cars but has grown exponentially over the years.  They now have about 200 drivers.

Over the years, their technology has also changed.  While many of their clients still call in to request a cab, some of their clients make a reservation online. Their website also makes it possible for clients to pay and specify specific needs or requirements that they may have.  They are currently working on a mobile app that should be available within a year.

Delancey strives for professionalism and offering the best service to their customers.  You can reach them at (212) 228-3301 or visit their website at for more information.

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